Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Forex Robot Trader

Technology has been advancing and trading with a forex robot has been increasingly popular. With many robot traders using robots now, forex robots have come to a new age. Now, there are new robots releasing to the market almost everyday. The problem is that they are so much of them that the good ones are hard to find anymore. These robot trader who are uses forex robots are in fact losing money.
The truth behind them is that they are only making money for their programmers. Most of the trading robots cannot perform and they will lose money. Simple reason is that people think that it is very easy to use a robot to trade the market. So they drop the idea of learning about forex trading personally altogether.
The robot has been programmed to perform under certain market conditions. All calculations are according to the conditions of the market that it has been tested with. However, overtime as the market conditions have changed. The robot will failed to perform badly. In order for the robot to perform well, you will need to do fine tweaks to it. This takes time and knowledge. That is where your forex knowledge comes into play.
You will need to know hoe the market works and how to actually trade in forex. If the robot trades using trending method and the market are consolidation, you could be losing one trade after another. In this case, you will have to switch off the robot until the next trending arrives.
Taking an example that this person named John has bought a forex robot and it fails to work. John knows a little about forex trading and open up the settings just to found that everything was not correctly set. He went on and tweaks the robot little by little until it can earn consistently. Now he is having a working robot that can generate him income automatically.
Imagine this robot is in the hands of a forex robot trader that has no idea on trading forex. The robot will never be working well like what John has done to it.
So it always helps to learn to trade forex yourself as a start first. After that, you may proceed as a robot trader and use robots to assist in your trades.

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